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Questions For Ted (Jonathan) Walther

Hi Ted,
  In your platform you write the following:

   "After ten years, I am still using Debian as my developement, server,
   and multimedia desktop platform. It is the best Linux developers
   platform in the world. It is also an excellent server platform. Alas, I
   can't say that about the Desktop. When a close relative got frustrated
   with virii on her Windows boxes, I chose to put Ubuntu on it. I didn't
   have time to hunt down a dozen different install and netinst cdroms,
   which may or may not be current, and may or may not work. I didn't have
   time to spend days configuring audio, printing, and X windows, and the
   rest of the desktop for her. 

   Are we going to take that lying down? Is that where we want Debian to

  My question to you is what have you done yourself to resolve these
issues? Have you contributed to the utnubu project? Have you worked on the
udev package at all which automatically configures audio and other drivers?
I'll note that you didn't contribute to the discover packages which have
been classically used in Debian for such issues. Have you helped with any
of the cups-related packages? I'll also note that you didn't help on the X
issues because I was the one managing that with the help of several others. 

  Furthermore, if you haven't lifted your head out of your own packages for
enough time to help with these issues, what do you plan to do to help with
them in the future? Do you plan to actively contribute and lead by example?
If so, in what areas and how? Or do you plan to simply delegate the
responsibility to others, thereby allowing yourself to take it lying down?

  Finally, where is it that you want Debian to go with respect to the
desktop-related issues? Do you feel that it's your responsibility to help
get us there whether you are elected DPL or not?

 - David Nusinow

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