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Re: questions for all candidates

> > and thus, the number of candidates is clearly a growing function of
> > the number of the DDs. the more debian grows, the more DPL
> > candidates we will have, and sadly the less DDs will feel
> > represented by the DPL
> That does not follow. If there are three candidates that I would be
> comfortable to have represent me, I simply rank all of those three
> above the other four, and then I can be happy if just one of my
> favourites get elected. I can still prioritize _between_ my favoured
> candidates on my ballot; that does not mean that I will only feel
> represented if my #1 choice wins.
> Do you think I would be happier if the guy I'd actually wanted was
> eliminated in a primary election such that the one I vote for in the
> main election is simply the best of those left? I don't think so.
> In fact, the Concordet system allows each voter to define his own
> party ticket as he votes - we get the functions of a primary
> election, actual election and run-offs in a single unified ballot,
> and without the manoeuvering in between that often makes real-world
> elections so unsatisfactory.
> We'll only get a problem if the candidates get so many that the
> developers don't have time to get a proper impression of each of them
> and decide how to rank them. But I don't think that will happen until
> we reach something like 15-20 candiates.

what I meant is that people presents themselves because they don't think 
others candidates represents them already. @see Bill example.
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