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Re: Question for Ted Walther: Delegation

On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 02:22:21PM +1100, Ben Burton wrote:
What sorts of tasks would you plan to delegate?  Would you delegate
important decisions, or would you be more interested in delegating

Until I am DPL, I won't have any idea of the types of things that might
need to be delegated.  But if you feel I've delegated you to do grunt
work, you are free to decline it.  After all, we're here to have fun.

I ask because the two examples I posted before seems to be of the
gruntwork type (do time-consuming research and fact-finding, and then
present the results to you as a summary or report).

Fact finding and research can seem like grunt-work, but they are also a
good way of making sure your thoughts are heard, and heard in a
favorable light.  I think the two balance each other out.

I don't delegate people to do things they haven't already expressed
interest in.


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