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Re: First call for votes for the GFDL position statement

Anton Zinoviev wrote:


> The Project Secretary is the author of the text that was used as a
> basis for the proposal in Choice 1.  Of course as a sympathiser of a
> position somewhat opposite to my position it comes natural to him to
> try to oppose my proposal[2].  Nevertheless during the discussions in
> debian-vote he made some statements that make me think very seriously
> whether he is ruling conscientiously his office as Project Secretary
> and whether he is taking illegally advantage of his position.  As an
> illustration, please read the following quotation:
>>       Thankfully, Debian is not a democracy. We may vote on some
>>   issues, but that does not mean we are a democratically run
>>   organisation. The powers of various offices is spelled out in the
>>   constitution.
>>       In this specific case, I am not going to let the spectre of
>>   democracy spur me into doing something I consider wrong. In a true
>>   democracy, I would either do what my constituency required even if
>>   I thought it wrong, or resign.  In Debian, I am permitted to do
>>   what I think is right, in as unbiased a manner as I can, until I
>>   am removed from my post.

What is the source of this and your other quotation from the Debian Project
Secretary?   I can't find the post on debian-vote.

If it was a private message, I would like to know whether Manoj was writing
personally or in his "Debian Project Secretary" persona.

Personally, I am glad that people holding important posts in Debian are willing
to do what they think is right, and I am especially glad if they actively try to
 do their job in as unbiased a manner as possible.  Anything less would be a
failure of the trust we place in them.


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