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Re: De-nomination

Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi> writes:

> I hereby de-nominate myself as a candidate for DPL 2006.
> I have realized this week that there are aspects and parts of the
> project that I can't emotionally deal with. Especially abusive behavior
> on mailing lists, the vocal support for it, and the persistent
> resistance to any attempts to fix it. I thought I had grown a skin thick
> enough to deal with it, this past year, but I was wrong. I now find that
> I need to be able to ignore parts of the project or be unhappy. This
> makes me unsuitable to be the leader.

I am really sorry to hear this.

> Major Goal: Make Debian discussion channels drastically less hostile
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> This is, I think, perhaps the biggest problem in Debian as of today.


> A "code of conduct" has been suggested. We have a vague, really old
> one, that is pretty much never enforced. I think we should write a
> new one, and make sure the listmasters have the power to enforce it.

I fully agree with this, and I would have voted for you for tackling
this difficult problem.

(I also believe Steve McIntyre is going to tackle this issue, but I've
not read his platform yet.  Either way, it's a problem which would
make me rate any candidate highly for taking on.)

I also thought very highly of the remainder of your platform, and I
think you would have been a very strong DPL candidate.  If you do
reconsider, you have my support.


Roger Leigh
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