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Re: The invariant sections are not forbidden by DFSG

On Tue, Jan 24, 2006 at 04:55:19PM +0100, Frank Küster wrote:
> > It is not difficult to print two sheets - the invariant sections go on
> > the second sheet and FSF wins more popularity. :-)
> This is just working around the issue. 

Yes, it is.  

> Let the sheet instead be a coffee cup; in Germany Lehmann's sell
> cups with Emacs or vi commands on them.  You can't add a second cup
> for the invariant sections, even if they fit on it, since people
> usually buy or donate (and use) only one cup at a time.

The same trick works here - one cup and one sheet of paper.  Not
everybody will like that solution but it works.

> > You can structure the man-pages in a way that makes every single
> > man-page to be only a part from a bigger document.  In order to fulfil
> > the requirements of the license you only need to include the invariant
> > sections in only one of your man-pages.  
> How would that work technically?  The manpages need to end up as
> separate files in /usr/share/man/man<section>/, needn't they?  So you
> mean that there would be one foo_manifesto.7.gz, one foo_history.7.gz
> along with the actual executable's manpages? 


> I'm not convinced that simply referring to the invariant sections'
> manpages in the SEE ALSO section would comply with the definition of
> "Secondary section" and thus of "invariant section":

It won't comply.  Instead I am thinking for something like that:

      foo_toc(1) - table of contents
      foo_bar(1) - previous chapter
      foo_baz(2) - next chapter


      (c) 1994, 1995, 1996 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

      This manual page is a chapter from the foo manual.  You may
      copy, distribute and/or modify this manual under the terms
      specified in foo_toc(1).

> But this would only work if we always distribute the whole thing
> together, and it works because the html page contains a back or contents
> link that ultimately leads to the invariant sections.  If the document
> is GFDL, you cannot legally distribute just one of the html pages. 


> And that's what we want.

Why? :-)

> Imagine that AUCTeX's manual was under GFDL, and I want to distribute
> only file:///usr/share/doc/auctex/HTML/auctex/auctex_11.html (which
> deals with language support) in a documentation bundle about "Optimizing
> TeX workflow for i18n and l10n".

It is not inconvenient to distribute auctex_11.html together with the
invariant sections.

> It might be possible to do this, but what if I don't want to distribute
> the whole thing?  Like because I'm only interested in one particular
> part? 

Yes, you have to distribute the invariant sections.  

Anton Zinoviev

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