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Re: Proposal for *Real* Declassification of debian-private archives

Em Sex, 2005-12-02 às 21:16 +0100, Florian Weimer escreveu:
> * Daniel Ruoso:
> > In accordance with principles of openness and transparency, Debian
> > will seek to declassify and publish posts of historical or ongoing
> > significance made to the Debian Private Mailing List.
> What is the "Debian Private Mailing List"?
> debian-private@lists.debian.org, or any other alias pointing to this
> address?

Well, I do think it's about all posts in -private archive. If something
was an alias to that, then that's included.

> This distinction is important because for years, security@debian.org
> was an aliases for debian-private, and people who sent mail to that
> address might be very surprised that it's subject to declassification
> (and that it was sent to hundreds of Debian developers in the first
> place).

Even if it is a five years old message? I do think security problems
released 5 years ago are already fixed, or are you talking about
something else?


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