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Re: GR Proposal: Declassification of -private

Why don't interested volunteers (who have access to -private) just
email authors (aka copyright holders) of messages which they find
useful for declassification?

They could collect a public mbox or whatever, with quoted portions
from people who fail to agree to disclassification "bleeped" out. 

I don't disagree that multiple people working together could do more
work than an individial, but I also don't think that it necessitates
appointment by DPL..

Isn't this the usual way, after all?  Then the burden lies
(more explicitly) on the people persuing declassification, and depends
only on posters replying to messages of the form

  Do you agree to a declassification to the following messages to

  msg-id subj date hyperlink etc

Then a signed message can accept a list of message ids for which
declassification is authorized; whee!

Of course a more extreme version of this is have no such
declassification group, appointed or self-organized, and posters to
-private who want to declassify their own messages can do so, possibly
in a documented way such as sending a bleeped copy of the mail to
-private-declassified or whatever..

Which is really no proposal at all; its just a bunch of people doing
what they want :)

Clear skies,

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