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Re: Debian Project Leader Election 2005 Results


Am Sonntag, den 10.04.2005, 19:12 -0500 schrieb Debian Project Secretary:
>         The winner of the election is Branden Robinson.

Congratulations Branden, your long years of being the second are over...

>   Option 3 defeats Option 4 by ( 245 -  222) =   23 votes.
(3 is Branden, 4 is aj)

Is the second closest DPL Vote.

Also close was the 2001 election:
Ben Collins is prefered to Branden Robinson (149-112 = 37)
(both beat all other competitors)

But that's nothing compared to 2003:
Martin Michelmayr is prefered to Bdale Garbee (228-224 = 4)
(again Bdale would be the winner if it wasn't for these 4 votes)

Enough statistics. I'm looking forward to the new DPL and the stuff
he'll do,


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