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Re: my thoughts on the Vancouver Prospectus

> So drop this bullshit veto thing. There is no reason to have this.

I read this thread very occasionnally and I usually pick up posts my
people I respect for their ability to express their opinions quietly
and without the need of flaming.

Hence, I have to admit that I'm really surprised by this post of you,
Peter, whatever are the difference in point of view you may have with

I'm certainly highly influenced by the great respect I have for
Steve's work....but I post this also because of the credit I have for
yourself which makes the tone of your post quite surprising for me.

Up to now, the various threads triggered by the Vancouver post have
kept quite reasonable (well, when people disagree, mail tends to be a
badly adapted way of communication...). The only parts which have
derived are mostly those where people which have obviously strong
communication problems are involved.

Could we (you...I don't really participate) please cool all this down?
At least people who are able to do so?

This is spring time (at least for half of the world...and probably for
90% of Debian world)....so take a break, go for a walk in the forest,
hear the birds singing, get one day off with no mail reading...and
remember this is all about a hobby for most of us.

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