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Re: [followup question] Career path for non-maintainer DD's

On Wed, Mar 16, 2005 at 09:16:51AM +0000, Javier Candeira wrote:
> What are the candidates' plans for formulating a clear policy for access to
> DD status (with the all-important right to vote in Debian elections) for
> other type of contributors (translators, UI/artist types, and even -gasp- 
> lawyers seem the most obvious examples)?

I discussed this topic shortly with the NM-team a while back on IRC.

(I take the artist as an example:)
SmallTeams (as I explained them in my platform and elsewhere on this
list) could either have a resident artist as a member or being an
SmallTeam of artist, producing artwork for other parts of the project.

The second option seems to work better to start the process like this:
Initially those teams would need to come up with their own set of
questions and tasks for the NM process, produce their own quality
standards and would need to find ways to train new members to bring
them up to speed with what Debian needs. 

To make this happen a lot of work is required and some very dedicated
individuals are required to break the ice in each new category. I
would support this as DPL, since I believe that Debian can do well
with higher levels of excellence in areas outside pure software
development and maintenance.

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