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Re: DPL election IRC Debate - Call for questions

Ean Schuessler <ean@brainfood.com> wrote:
> The accounting solution at SPI is still tenuous. Illness, accident or simple 
> boredom could still easily lead us to the situation we had before. The 
> solution you've outlined could work but it increases complexity rather than 
> removing it. I don't know what it takes to make this clear but 
> non-professional, volunteer accounting help is not working for Debian. It has 
> never worked well and it is just barely working now. Shifting responsibility 
> to multiple organizations will only create more problems unless there is some 
> measure of quality in place that these organizations must meet.

I think the accounting manpower on the SPI board is now as good
as it can get, with a treasurer and appointed deputy. It's no
guarantee, but I wish all board jobs had that level of cover. The
kinks in finance reporting seem to be getting fixed by a bit
of love from the board. When you compare SPI to peers like PDPC,
they're already streets ahead on openness and accountability IMO.

As I understand it, there's also work in progress to bring SPI
up to "best practice" standards, identify a professional
bookkeeper and sort out tax filing. Hopefully this is (will be
soon?) clear in their minutes. http://www.spi-inc.org/corporate/minutes/

I hope that the next DPL will take an active interest instead
of getting all "Not Invented Here" about it, but SPI has DDs
involved and is responding to DD suggestions already. It would be
interesting to investigate how many are aware of SPI's role and
recent history, once the light you've shone is faded a little.

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