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Re: Questions to candidates: what is source?


Am Sonntag, den 06.03.2005, 15:10 +0000 schrieb Matthew Garrett:
> > 6. Which of the following satisfies DFSG #2? What is the general
> >    principle? Or should it be case-by-case?
> I'm not going to get into a case-by-case discussion, because I don't
> believe it to be interesting or relevant. The DPL's opinion in this
> matter should carry no more weight than any other developer's. The
> DPL's
> involvement should be to note that there is a lack of consensus over
> the
> issue and work to rectify that, not to argue a specific side of the
> debate.

True, but isn't the point of the DPL election debate to get to know the
candidates and their opinion and then elect those whose opinion one
wants to see at the DPL position?

But then, if you think that not answering the questions is the clears
way of stating your opinion (your opinion as the DPL maybe), that is an
answer, too.


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