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Re: OT: Re: debian-women obscurity, was: Clarification about krooger's platform

Is it possible to just chill out on the chicks? Can't the girls brave enough 
to wade into our computerized backwater have a little something of their own 
without all this trouble? 

The very few women in Debian put up a page that lists those women and men 
aren't listed on it because it is a list of women. What is your problem? You 
want men listed on it?

Would you have a problem with blind Debianers creating such a list? Nazis or 
terrorists sure, but ladies!?! I wish them the best of luck, maybe our 
conferences will be less of a weenie roast.

Get over it man!

On Saturday 05 March 2005 6:55 pm, MJ Ray wrote:
> http://women.alioth.debian.org/profiles/

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