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Re: Nomination

#include <hallo.h>
* MJ Ray [Mon, Feb 28 2005, 12:31:27PM]:

> > I second the dead camel and the entire population of Swaziland, not the=20
> > cheddar cheese. Unless 100 developers wish the cheddar cheese to run, of =
> > course.
> Won't that happen anyway if they leave it out in the sun?
> I second the entire population of Swaziland for DPL. I won't
> sign this. You can just take my word for it.

Heh. We should move towards to stochastocraty (choose a DD randomly and
declare him/her as DPL. Shoot for refusal to accept.)

Enten legen ihre Eier in aller Stille, Hühner gackern dabei wie
verrückt.  Was ist die Folge?  Alle Welt ißt Hühnereier.
		-- Henry Ford

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