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If you remember last year, I was running as a joke-candidate. Truth is,
I have a megalomaniac tamagotchi (as you all well know, if you followed
-vote last year) called Yamm, who made me run in an attempt to seize
power. I am afraid he might try the same thing this year... and without
Martin running, and Branden still contemplating his nomination... I
might even have a chance of winning!

Ouch, that would be terrible. You do NOT want to know Yamm's plans.

This year, I do not want to be subjected to the torture of being driven
into nomination and writing a platform by a HUGE tamagotchi. I only just
recovered from the shock... I don't want that once again.

Hence this mail, in which I announce my intention to NOT run in this
years competition. This is to stop Yamm. So when it wakes up and tries
to drive me into nomination, he won't be able, as I already expressed my
wish to not run.

So, once again, to make it clear: I, Gergely Nagy, in perfect mental
health, express my own wish, which was not forced upon me, but is my
own, that I do not want to participate in the Debian Project Leader
elections in 2005.

Gergely Nagy

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