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Re: -= PROPOSAL =- Release sarge with amd64

* Raul Miller (moth@debian.org) wrote:
> I'm running native i386 debian on an amd64 right now.
> If you don't provide a dual 32/64 bit amd64, your transition strategy
> is going to be "install it on a different partition" or "backup, wipe
> and reinstall".

Hey, it took a long ass time, and it would have been nice if you'd made
your complaint a *bit* clearer earlier, but I think I've finally figured
it out.  I guess I just couldn't believe that someone was actually
bringing this up.

Apparently you have woody/i386 (our stable arch) running on an amd64 box
today and are concerned about an upgrade path to amd64 in sarge.  You're
right, there isn't one.  The answer is very simple- wait for sarge+1 and
multiarch.  If you're happy with i386 on amd64 today then feel free to
continue to use it, I don't believe anything we're introducing would
cause you any problems there.

Additionally, I'm not convinced that woody/i386 on an amd64 box is
considered 'supported' by Debian.  In fact, I seriously doubt that it
is, so I don't believe this complaint is a valid one for keeping amd64
out of sarge until it can handle this situation.  If you feel
differently then I strongly encourage you to contact the RM's, the SRM
and the web team and ask them to issue a statement confirming this and
to update the web pages to reflect this.

I hope this clears up what your complaint with pure64 is so that other
people can read it and judge themselves how they feel about it.
Personally, I couldn't care less about that situation.  It would seem
*much* more likely to me that users would be coming back from other
distributions which already support amd64 to sarge if it's released with


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