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Re: -= PROPOSAL =- Release sarge with amd64

On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 13:43, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> The Debian project,
> based on its Social Contract stating that its priorities are its users 
> and free software,
> recognizing that the AMD64-based architectures are likely to become the
> most widespread on personal computers and workstations in a near future,
> and acknowledging that its users want to take advantage of all this
> architecture's features,
> hereby resolves:
> 1. that the next Debian GNU/Linux release, codenamed "sarge", will 
>    include the "amd64" architecture, based on the work currently hosted 
>    at http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/ ;
> 2. that non-compliance of that "amd64" distribution with the Linux 
>    Standard Base specification for IA32 will not be considered a 
>    release-critical bug;
> 3. that we will include it immediately in the "sid" distribution and 
>    auto-building infrastructure, and take all appropriate steps so 
>    that inclusion won't delay the release of "sarge" any further.
> Rationale:
> With our current release timeframe, AMD64 is likely to become the most 
> sold architecture for personal computers way before the release that 
> will follow sarge. If we don't release sarge with AMD64 support, our 
> users will be very disappointed. The popularity of the debian-amd64 
> project just shows what they are waiting for.
> Furthermore, the AMD64 architecture is mostly ready. It now builds just 
> as many packages as our other release architectures, and it has a 
> working installer.
> The only valid reasons for not including it are lack of LSB compliance
> (which can still be easily achieved with a i386 chroot) and mirror space
> (which will be saved using partial mirroring). Another reason seems to
> be the lack of cooperation of some developers. This resolution intends
> to make everyone cooperate in this direction. Of course, the author of
> this resolution would welcome if the people responsible would just do
> it, thereby making this resolution superfluous.


However, this GR should not have been necessary.  I second it in the
hope that dropping a sledgehammer on their toes will get the ftpmasters
to learn to communicate.

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