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Re: Discussions in Debian

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004 11:59:10 -0400, Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org> said: 

>> Which is the same thing as "My way or the highway". I like this one
>> option, see, and would rather do nothing than even consider any of
>> them thar oppossing view, no siree.

> Are you telling us that if there were a GR consisting only of
> undesirable options, you would rank them all above Further
> Discussion just for the sake of being a "team player"?

	I would propose an option that was better. And if all options
 on a ballot were unacceptable to me, to the extent I could not live
 with them, I would seriously reconsider my fit with the project, and
 perhaps decide it is time to move on.

	Ranking FD first means you are not happy with the ballot; and
 in that case, you should have spoken up earlier, if you really care.

> That strikes me as rather close-minded.

	Nice spin. Kinda like "Not allowing me to be a bigot is a
 pretty biased idea -- it discriminates against bigots".

	We used to try to reach a compromise -- and, in that case, if
 one is in a minority, you try to convince the others, and you work
 with them -- "my way or the highway" is pretty stupid: all you get
 is bad blood.

Eh, that's it, I guess.  No 300 million dollar unveiling event for
this kernel, I'm afraid, but you're still supposed to think of this as
the "happening of the century" (at least until the next kernel comes
along). Oh, and this is another kernel in that great and venerable
"BugFree(tm)" series of kernels. So be not afraid of bugs, but go out
in the streets and deliver this message of joy to the masses. Linus
Torvalds, on releasing 1.3.27
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