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Re: Default options (Technical Committee supermajority)

Anthony Towns writes ("Re: Default options (Technical Committee
> [analysis]
> That seems reasonable -- I think changing "strictly greater" to "greater than
> or equal" A.6.3.2 should work.


> >    2. M:N is the supermajority ratio required for A; M:N is 1:1 if no
> >       supermajority is required.
>                          ^^^^^^^^ specified 

Err, yes.

> >    3. An option A suffices compared to
> >       the default option D, if M * V(A,D) is equal to or greater than
> >       N * V(D,A).
> If Debian only has S:1 supermajorities, I don't see the point complicating
> things by talking about M:N supermajorities. *shrug*

Maybe I'm just too much of a programmer.  It seems to me that if we
were to invent a 3:2 supermajority for something (not an unreasonable
suggestion) - or someone else who wanted to use our appendix A were to
do so - then it would be good to be able to do so.

An alternative way to finesse this is to `interpret' the ratio M:N to
be equal to the real number M/N, as some of use learned in primary
school, but I'm not sure that's very clear.


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