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Request for discussion: Deferment of Changes from GR 2004-003

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        Please refer to the following messages, in which a General
 resolution was proposed, and seconded:


 Time Line:
        Proposal and  Wednesday, April 28^th, 2004
        Discussion    Wednesday, April 28^th,    Wednesday, May 12^th,
          Period:      23:59:59 UTC, 2004         23:59:59 UTC, 2004
      Voting Period   Wednesday, May 12^th,      Wednesday, May 26^st,
                       23:59:59 UTC, 2004         23:59:59 UTC, 2004

    Please note that amendments may reset the discussion period and
   change the time table.

 Proposer:   Steve Langasek [vorlon@debian.org]
  Seconds:    1. Joe Wreschnig [piman@debian.org]
              2. Stephen Frost [frost@snowman.net]
              3. Scott Dier [sdier@debian.org]
              4. Chad Walstrom [chewie@debian.org]
              5. Pierre Machard [pmachard@debian.org]
              6. Cesar Mendoza [mendoza@debian.org]

   Text:     The actual text of the GR is:

             The Debian Project,

             affirming its committment to principles of freeness for
             all works it distributes,

             but recognizing that changing the Social Contract today
             would have grave consequences for the upcoming stable
             release, a fact which does not serve our goals or the
             interests of our users,

             hereby resolves:

              1. that the amendments to the Social Contract contained
                 within the General Resolution `Editorial Amendments
                 To The Social Contract' (2004 vote 003) be
                 immediately rescinded;
              2. that these amendments, which have already been
                 ratified by the Debian Project, will be reinstated
                 effective as of September 1, 2004 without further
                 cause for deliberation.

             As a seconder of the earlier GR, I certainly do consider
             these amendments to be editorial in nature, as they are
             consistent with my understanding of the existing Social
             Contract; and I believe these clarifications are
             beneficial in the long term, because the ambiguities in
             the Social Contract led mostly to sterile arguments about
             whether the DFSG *should* apply to works we distribute
             that are not programs.

             It's just the timing that sucks.

             In talking with the Release Manager, it is apparent to me
             that his understanding of the previous wording of the
             Social Contract, while different from mine, is internally
             consistent; and that attempting to persuade him that a
             different interpretation should have held would do
             nothing to move the release forward, as I cannot in good
             conscience argue that he should be less principled in the
             enforcement of the Social Contract than he has been to
             date. I am therefore putting forth this proposal because
             my *own* principles hold that releasing sarge this year
             with the same blemishes that have existed since the
             beginning is better than releasing a sarge next year that
             has no non-DFSG content.

             A fixed four month period should (based on current
             projections) give us ample time to release sarge, while
             not allowing so much time that maintainers are left to
             think that resolving the status of non-program components
             of Debian vis à vis the DFSG is not an imminent concern.

 Since this modifies the Social Contract, this requires a 3:1 majority
 to pass.

- -- 
A comment on schedules: Ok, how long will it take?  For each manager
involved in initial meetings add one month. For each manager who says
"data flow analysis" add another month. For each unique end-user type
add one month. For each unknown software package to be employed add
two months. For each unknown hardware device add two months. For each
100 miles between developer and installation add one month. For each
type of communication channel add one month. If an IBM mainframe shop
is involved and you are working on a non-IBM system add 6 months. If
an IBM mainframe shop is involved and you are working on an IBM system
add 9 months. Round up to the nearest half-year. --Brad Sherman By the
way, ALL software projects are done by iterative prototyping. Some
companies call their prototypes "releases", that's all.
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