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Moving clarifications to an Addendum instead of editing the SC ?

Dear fellow developers,

As far as I understand the motivation for the editorial change 
are twofold:

1) remove some ambiguities on the wording,
2) make the text look nicer from a literary point of vue.

However, the SC is a document which has quite an historical and
sentimental value for most of us, well, at least for me.

So I feel reluctant to change it to remove ambiguities, while I agree
on the interpretations that are reinforced.

For that reason, I would suggest than instead of altering the text of
the Social Contract, we add an Addendum spelling out the clarifications
we agreed upon.

I don't expect to have the resources to introduce a new proposal for this
GR, but I see most of the disagreements on this list being on the
precise wording of the changes than on the actual interpretation of the
SC, so it could be easier to reach an agreement on the Addendum text.

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

Imagine a large red swirl here. 

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