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Re: why a debian project leader?

On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 10:56:13AM -0800, mbc wrote:
> Personally, I don't believe in voting, and I don't believe that I have a 
> need for some kind of Leader.

That's fine. Every DD can basically maintain his/her packges and improve
the distribution without ever having to worry about a leader or our
outside appearence, IMHO.

> I know this this topic has come up before, but is Debian Project Leader 
> really the title that best describes this position? Wouldn't Debian 
> Project Representative be better?

Back in the days[tm] when the title 'Debian Project Leader' was made,
the person *was* leading, and quite so (see aj's post about where Bruce
was trying to lead us and how it went). These days, the leaders are
merely representing us to the outside world and are coordinating the
inside workings of the project. And although it might not be everybody's
definition of 'leading', I believe Martin did a very good job over the
last year in leading us.

> Maybe I just don't understand the role of the Project Leader, but I 
> believe that our diversity, decentralization and autonomy re our biggest 
> strengths. Doesn't having a Leader create a situation of heirarchy and 
> take away some of our autonomy?

Did you personally experience a DPL who told you what to do or not with
respect to your Debian Developerhood? I did not.

I believe it is important to have somebody as a representative for the
outside world and also somebody who can solve the non-technical issues
inside the project (in a perfect world, the technical issues would be
solved by the best implementation, or lacking that, by the technical
committee). I also find it important that the DPL does not try to force
his technical viewpoints on the project, like saying 'we should drop
m68k' or 'who needs KDE?'. 


Michael Banck
Debian Developer

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