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Re: Questions for candidates -- Debian's Organizational Structure

Branden Robinson wrote:
> I think the following roles should be formally delegated:
>         FTP Archives
>         Release Manager
>         Release Manager for "stable"
>         Bug Tracking System
>         Mailing Lists Administration
>         Mailing Lists Archives
>         New Maintainers Front Desk
>         Developer Accounts Managers
>         Keyring Maintainers
>         Security Team [3]
>         Web Pages [3]
>         System Administration
>         LDAP Developer Directory Administrator
>         DNS Maintainer (hostmaster)
>         Hardware Donations Coordinator
>         Accountant
> It's possible some of the above roles should be condensed into one.

Out of curiosity, do you plan to only formally make the people working
in these departments delegates?  If not, do you plan to fill the roles
with different people than today?

> > Do you believe the Tech Committee is effective in its role for the
> > project?
> I suspect not; as I stated in my platform[2]:
>   I will reactivate the Technical Committee -- which has fallen dormant
>   again -- or amend the Constitution to replace it with a body that
>   works better. That almost a year has gone by with no mail to the list
>   (apart from a test message by Wichert Akkerman), let alone a dispute
>   to resolve, makes me suspect that this body has lost the confidence of
>   the developers. I'd like to work with the members of the Committee
>   that are still interested in serving to see how this body can be
>   improved and revitalized.

I wonder why reviving the CTTE has to wait until you become the project



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