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Re: Proposal: Keep non-free

On Thu, Feb 26, 2004 at 11:47:45AM +0100, Sven Luther wrote:
> It is not that we don't want it to happen, by all way, implement it, and
> if it fullfills all its promise, i would be glad to move my non-free
> packages to it, but i will not use my time and energy to make it happen,
> as i have less wasteful ways of using my free time, working on my
> packages in debian/main, on d-i, and on other free projects.
> Also, i want to point out that this non-free.org thingy, maintained by
> debian people, providing packages maintained by debian people, and
> having to intertie neatly with the remaining of debian packages in main,
> would be a shame. It is not because you name it non-free.org that it
> will not be linked to debian anymore than us saying non-free is not part
> of debian. So is the effort involved really worth it ? Just that some
> bunch of hypocrits can be satisfied that 'debian doesn't distribute
> non-free stuff', and are able to close the eyes on non-free.org while
> they could not on debian/non-free ? 
> And finally, i believe that a non-free.org would not be a good thing, it
> would be even worse as debian/non-free is, and a danger to the project,
> since it could well be that it may take more importance in the future,
> and that people who would contribute to debian may be more interested in
> contributing to non-free.org instead, with its less restrictive rules,
> and sometimes quite desdaining debian-legal folk. Do you really want to
> be the one responsible for this ? For an eventual future fork of debian ?

Your mail has a strange slope. First, you say you 'would be glad to move
[your] non-free packages to it', but in the end you say you 'believe
that a non-free.org would not be a good thing' and start talking about
the downfall of Debian because of non-free.

Anyway, if non-free.org leads to the fact that people mainly interested
in maintaining non-free Debian packages will not bother to join the
project, well, I'd consider this an improvement. Debian is forked
everyday by 3rd party distributions, and quite frankly, the non-free
fork would be one of the most logical and apparent.

And the fact whether people think it is worth the effort to
differentiate between ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/non-free and
ftp.non-free.org should be left to the person voting. It is highly
subjective and will *never* be solved by discussion.

Really, I wonder how I managed to get into this discussion *again*. I
was just saying that I'm happy to discuss *implementation details*, not
talking about the pro and cons of this. I hope you understand that I
will only very selectively answer to mails which go in the former
direction from now on, I've got more important stuff to do.


Michael Banck
Debian Developer

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