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attempt to list current proposals


I am still unhappy because it is so hard to find out,
how many and which proposals are competing in the planned GR.
I found the following ones in the list archives:

  1) Andrew Suffield
     submitted 20 Jan 2004 and modified 22 Jan 2004

      Chad Walstrom
      Remi Vanicat
      Steve Langasek
      Branden Robinson
      Jochen Voss

  2) Raul Miller
     submitted 9 Feb 2004

    No seconds

    Maybe there are older version with seconds?

  3) Anthony Towns
     submitted 22 Feb 2004

      Graham Wilson
      Stephen Staffor
      Martin Buck

Number 1 seems to have five seconds now.  Number 3 is very new and I
guess it will get more seconds.

My questions:
Are there any more current proposals around?
What is the current state of number 2 above?


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