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GR's modifying the status of non-free

Hi folks,

	Could the authors or seconds of the currently active GR's
 please send me a copy of the latest version of their GR, with the
 list of seconds, and their preferred version of the ballot? I am
 afraid I am lost in the volume of email backlog that has accumulated
 in my two week vacation (and the obligatory week of illness that
 visiting the mother country always induces in me).

	I would like to move this issue into the discussion phase this
 weekend, and update the vote.d.o web page.

The Tao doesn't take sides; it gives birth to both wins and
losses. The Guru doesn't take sides; she welcomes both hackers and
lusers.  The Tao is like a stack: the data changes but not the
structure. the more you use it, the deeper it becomes; the more you
talk of it, the less you understand.  Hold on to the root.
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