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Re: Non-Free proposal -- yet another draft

On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 09:40:21AM -0500, Raul Miller wrote:
> Hopefully, this will be my final draft of this proposal.
> This is an amendment (replacement) for Andrew Suffield's "drop non-free"
> proposal:
> I propose we update the social contract by replacing the word "Debian"
> with the phrase "Debian Main" wherever "Debian" is used as a noun.
> This would not update anything else in the social contract which needs
> to be updated.  We would use lower case for this change where appropriate.
> Rationale: Some people want to drop non-free at least in part because
> "Debian" when used as a noun might include "non-free" -- even though
> this conflicts with existing practice.  However, since "Debian" is a
> project, not software, using "Debian" by itself to refer to software is
> inappropriate in the social contract.
> - -- 
> Raul

Raul. This is a very different proposal that the ones that were
discussed in the past, and one that merely keeps non-free, without
putting any more compulsive engagement to work on making every single
piece of non-free software obsolet.

Could you provide some rationale as to why you choose to modify your
previous proposals until this point, and what does this really win us
over the status quo ?


Sven Luther

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