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Re: Debian Project Leader Elections

On Fri, 2004-02-06 at 23:18, Debian Project Secretary wrote:

>        In the past, we have conducted DPL debates on a special IRC
>  channel set up for the purpose. Perhaps we should set up one this
>  year as well.  The time to do so would be after the rebuttals have
>  been posted by the candidates, and the campaigns have been well
>  established, and people have had time to think up questions.
I mentioned an idea briefly on IRC, and a couple of people seemed to
think it would be a cool idea, so I'll propose it a bit more formally

If candidates were to create a blog, or a sub-section of their existing
blog, for the DPL election, I'd be happy to create a sub-page of Planet
Debian to aggregate them.  http://planet.debian.net/dpl2004/ or

The candidates could then use them for expounding on their platforms,
debating with each other, political posturing and general campaigning.

It could make for an interesting experiment...

Anyway, comments, flames, rebuttals, cheers, etc?

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