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Re: "keep non-free" proposal

Anthony Towns wrote:
>The current rules are that programs don't get into main unless they appear
>to have DFSG-free licenses, and get removed from main if it turns out that
>there are some non-DFSG-free terms in there, and upstream isn't willing
>to change them. DFSG-free licenses are preferred for documentation and
>other data in main, but as long as its distributable, it's more or less
>up to the maintainer's discretion.

Please remove all "info" documents; they are programs intended to be run by 
the "info" interpreter.  Perhaps you would appreciate it if I filed bugs now?

There is, in general, no discernable difference between programs, "data", and 
documentation found in the Debian distribution.

There is a clear distinction between the above classes of software on the one 
hand, and license texts which apply to works Debian distributes on the other 

Ideally, non-free license texts should accompany the distribution rather than 
being part and parcel of it.  This is feasible.  However, in the current 
instance, they are clearly segregated in specific locations, which is a good 

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