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Re: Comparison of Raul Miller/20040119-13 and Andrew Suffield/GR Editorial

On Jan 20, 2004, at 23:19, Raul Miller wrote:

Well, except for the ambiguity of what "100% free" means without the word
"software".  "Free software" is very specific, because of the DFSG.

Yes, that's true.
Raul adds in a transition phrase and the word "internet" (Raul: isn't
Internet capitalized?).

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I'm using it as an adjective, not as a noun, not as a trademark, and not as part of a title. It's my impression that
lower case is better here.

I'm pretty sure proper nouns, when turned into adjectives, still are capitalized. Like the adjective "German", for example. A quick check of the dictionary shows German, referring to Germany (not the familiar relation) is indeed capitalized.

Also, checking the dictionary shows Internet is too, but that it is only a noun. So, the most correct may be "Internet-connected"

These are fairly different. Raul does not include the statement that
these are not part of Debian. Doesn't leaving that out cause a
problem when compared to clause 1?

Could you be more specific?

In my mind, that "not a part of Debian" meant "not a part of main".

Anyways, if leaving it out creates a problem, I'd like to understand
what the probem is so I can fix it.

I'm not sure. SC 1 says (in your amended version) "Debian will remain 100% free software". If we're not clear that the non-free section is not a part of Debian, then this seems to be a contradiction.

If this is a material change, we might have to stop distributing some

Fine by me.

Raul's wording covers more than CD manufacturers. Raul's wording also
seems to suggest that we guarantee the distributability of software
in main.

Yes.  Guaranteeing the distributability of software in main is one of
the major points our guidelines address.

I was always under the impression that people distributing main did so at their own risk, not ours, though we make our best effort.

[p.s. I'm still thinking about whether "free software community", "Free
Software community" or "Free Software Community" is best.  I'm not sure
how I'd even make such a choice -- it's certainly not something I've
spent any time thinking about.]

If you want a poll, I'd vote for "free software community" with "Free Software community" being second. I'm pretty sure community should not be capitalized.

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