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Re: Social Contract proposal -- 20040116-03

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Raul Miller wrote:
>   5. Software that doesn't meet our free-software standards


>      For those who need to run software we do not distribute, free or
>      non-free, we support interoperability standards such as the "Linux
>      Standard Base".

Is there any reason why this draft specifically spells out one of the
interoperability standards which Debian would be supporting?

The Social Contract generally does not define technical standards, and
while it seems reasonable to support interoperability standards, I'm
not sure that spelling out a specific one that might not apply
appropriately to the other non-Linux based distributions is a good

[As a general question, can Debian Developers even issue such a
technical statement under §4.1.5?]

Don Armstrong

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