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Re: non-free and users?

Raul Miller wrote:

Debian have good guidelines for programs.  They are partially applicable
for documentaion and for programs they work very good. Anyway it is
a subject for another discussion.

We are discussing what we want to do with those guidelines.

I'm not ready to say something new on GFDL. If Debian majority will decide it doesn't satisfy SC and DFSG, it will go to non-free. If Debian majority will decide to drop non-free, GFDL documentation will be droped together with it. My opinion is that DFSG and SC are not clear enough on this question and have to be changed before *any* decision is done.

We're not talking about DFPG (Debian Free Program Guidelines).  We are
talking about DFSG (Debian Free Software Guidelines).  And I think we
should be talking about software, rather than programs, for much the
same reasons that we can use code as data and data as code.

You probably know, there is no stable definition of this word. I've checked several dictionaries and find out that some of them define software as program+data, some of them use program+data+docs, some of them insist on software == program. That's why I prefer not to use this word in this discussion. I think best thing with new SC will be to avoid it, or to define it clearly.
Best regards, Sergey Spiridonov

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