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Comments on amending the Social Contract

Several people have asked me to remove different sentences from my
proposal to amend the Social Contract.  For now, at least, I've elected
to leave those sentences in place.

If you are someone who has asked me to remove something, I can give you
several options:

[a] Convince me that you understand my reasoning for having those
sentences in there in the first place.  You can ask me questions if you
like -- I'll be happy to explain my reasoning -- but be aware that glibly
quoting my own words back at me is not something I'll find convincing.

If I believe you know why I have the sentences there, then I'm going
to give a lot of weight to your reasoning for why they shouldn't.
That's not a guarantee that I'll remove the sentences, but it's just too
easy to come up with something that sounds good as a justification for
something which doesn't make sense to me when I read the social contract
with those resulting changes.

[b] Submit your own proposals.  Note that none of my proposals have
been introduced -- they have no formal standing yet.  If your proposals
are better than mine in the eyes of some significant number of debian
developers, your might meet with more acceptance than mine.

Beware, though, that writing a good proposal is a bit tough, and if mine
are any good at all it's because I've had a lot of help writing them.

Thanks for the help,


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