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Re: Updated draft of social contract changes

On Tue, Jan 13, 2004 at 11:42:21AM -0500, Joe Nahmias wrote:
> Very interesting proposal.  Here are some grammatical corrections.  I
> have some other issues with this, but I'll will address those in another
> mail.

Thanks for your comments!

I do have one immediate question:

> >   5. Programs that doesn't meet our free-software standards
> 	Replace "doesn't" with "don't" or "do not"
> >      We
> >      support interoperability standards such as "Linux Standard Base", and
> >      will accept bug reports where our system violates those standards.
> 	This sentence is misplaced.  It should go in the previous clause
> 	as it has nothing to do with non-free.

I don't understand why you say that "Linux Standard Base" has nothing
to do with non-free.

Consider, for example:

Binary-only software is one of the characteristics of non-free software.

Yes, it also has applicability to binary-only distribution of free
software, but that's not the same as "nothing to do with non-free".

Do you agree with me?  If not, could you expand on your views?



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