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Re: summary of software licenses in non-free

> > What about copyright.Debian, or copyright.DFSG ?
> That would be misleading I think.
> Why not add it to the copyright filer proper?
> Michael

I think it would be better to keep what is essentially a Debian opinion on the
copyright in a separate file, for two reasons

1) ease of machine parsing - we can define a format - which might contain a
version etc. Being in a separate file means we do not have to worry about
the upstream user having lines in their copyright file which look like our

2) to make it  easy to distinguish the words of the original author from the
Debian commentary, For example the upstream author might include the text

  This may be freely distributed by the Debian project

in their licence, and it would be better to have the commentary in a separate
file to make it clear that this is the words of the upstream author, and thus
in non-free under DFSG 8, and not a commentary by the developer packaging it,
indicating that it is suitable for main.


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