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Re: Another Non-Free Proposal

	the importance of non-free software has greatly decreased since the
	founding of the project; and
But, unfortunately, the FSF releases large amounts of non-free software (documentation) which many people would consider important. Eventually it will be replaced or relicensed, but this will take a while.

To effect this, a new version of the Social Contract with only clauses 1 through 4 is hereby issued.

The major effective difference in this proposal is that Sarge will still include non-free, in order to give people plenty of time (3 years?) to migrate to free alternatives or find different hosting for their non-free packages.

Note that nothing in here changes our promise to "support our users who develop and run non-free software on Debian", which is in clause 1 of the Social Contract.

Of course, this means that the FSF-provided documentation will mostly not be available in Debian. *Provided Debian decides to actually FOLLOW its Social Contract after Sarge, that is.)

I can't support any proposal to remove non-free until the issue of non-free material in main is dealt with properly. Which it has *not* been. I encourage everyone to shelve these proposals and deal with the problem of making 'main' free first. :-P

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