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Re: Another Non-Free Proposal

I'm sorry if this grates, but I've heard these proposals over and over in the
last few months, and it's getting old. I think Debian should either give
itself over completely to RMS's GNU Project, or acknowledge that there
is some value in software that's not completely free in the "Debian"
sense. It seems I recall recently a movement to remove the RFCs from
Debian, because they were not "free" in the Debian sense. How absurd
must we get before people come to their senses? You're going to end
up driving people away from Debian proper and into other distros. I
love the Debian distro, but I swear sometimes Debianistas act like
MacIntosh people, with this attitude that they're superior to everyone
else, and that only they have the One True Vision (tm).

Not that this will make any difference whatsoever. I just get tired of
hearing this almost religious fervor about Debian's definition of
"free" software. Sometimes I think I'm listening to RMS.

Okay, flame away, folks.


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