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Re: Rappel pour les abonnements aux listes sur udius.com

Am 2003-12-02 13:34:41, schrieb Anthony DeRobertis:
>On Dec 1, 2003, at 14:32, Peter Karlsson wrote:
>>adding them back until I set up a procmail filter to recognize e-mail
>>from these lists and send it to the appropriate abuse handlers
>>After I did that, they disappeared from the face of the Earth quite
>>quickly... :-)
>I'm amazed that there are still spammers out there with a working 
>abuse@ address, honestly. Never works for me...
>Glad to hear it works every once and a while.


if you have to mutch time (as me in Hospital) you can 
check the E-Mails and find some ISP's/Websites...

Then contact theres ISP's or Backbone-Provider and the 
Host will close... 

I have done this around 4 weeks in Hospital with around 
300 Sex-Sites, Penis-Enlagers and VIAGRA-Dealers    ;-) 


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