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Re: GRs, irrelevant amendments, and insincere voting

On Sat, Nov 01, 2003 at 07:09:07PM -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> On Sat, 1 Nov 2003 14:58:40 -0500, Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> said: 
> > So my hypothesis is that our method of ballot construction may serve
> > to reward insincere voting, *even assuming the actual method of
> > tabulating the votes does not*.
> 	If we have reached a pass where the people are delibrately
>  trying to prevent an reasonable agreement being reached; then perhaps
>  the status quo is what the people want, or deserve.

I disagree.  I think it just means there are antisocial people doing
antisocial things.

> >> If you don't, you need some mechanism to choose among incompatible
> >> amendments, and if a majority of voters prefers to stay very close
> >> to the status quo, the more "revolutionary" options will always be
> >> defeated.
> 	Then this is what the people want to do; any artificial
>  process that prevents people from doing what they really want is also
>  doomed to failure.

This is the same old question-begging premise.  You assume a priori that
our voting system is such that it accurately reflects "what the people
want to do".

I say, not necessarily.  To imply otherwise means we were wasting our
time with such long discussions over the merits of Cloneprooof/Schwartz
Sequential Dropping.

> 	I think that stifling solutions is way worse option. People
>  should be able to propose whatever solutions they think are best for
>  the situation at hand.

Hence the reason I'm concerned about *irrelevant* options being added to
the ballot.  An irrelevant option is one that has nothing to do with the
"situation at hand".

> 	Treat people like miscreants, and they shall behave as such.
> 	I think that this level of mistrust of ones fellow developer
>  speaks ill of us all.

These are nice slogans.  I suppose your PGP passphrase is not stored
encrypted, and that the computer programs you write don't bother to
validate user input, either.

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