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OT: Re: What's the scam? (was: what´s the prize?)

Anthony DeRobertis had the gall to say:
> On Wednesday, Oct 15, 2003, at 17:02 US/Eastern, david albarran wrote:
> >hi! i want to know what this is about. and if i won a prize tell me as 
> >soon as you can i¥m the 50,000,000 th user, so show me the money.
> OK, we get a fair number of these. So do some other people. None of the 
> claimants ever seem to respond when asked about the details. From 
> googling, here are some other references:

> Personally, I sort of suspect address collection or other scam. I 
> suspect this because of all the messages we've gotten, and all I can 
> find on the web, the are quite similar in ways you would not expect, 
> such as putting the commas in "50,000,000". No one wrote "50000000" or 
> "50.000.000". I'd expect that if these were messages generated by 
> confused lusers, we'd see more variation in them.

I agree totally - and I believe it's also the case with mails asking 
about a random set of well-known windows buzz-words (e.g. driver, cd, 
win, attachment, etc).

IMHO, it's spammers abusing the "Finally - a question *I* can help 
with!" feeling of low/middle-ability users on The Other OS.

I'm always a little dubious about telling bogofilter that they're spam, 
as they include valid nouns which might easily come up on lists.  Ideas, 


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