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Re: Call for votes for the Condorcet/Clone proof SSD voting methods GR

Raul Miller wrote:
> And, finally, the new voting system is (for the most part) compatible
> with the intent of the existing voting system.  It supports supermajority
> (which makes changing the constitution hard), and it supports quorum
> (which means very low participation can invalidate the vote).

the use of the word Quorum with respect to either the current or
proposed Constituction is misleading at best, and outrightly false
at face value.

case in point: as we add more voters that actively vote _against_ a
proposal, we can cause an option to ``fail to meet quorum.'' that goes
against every applicable definition of quorum that i can come across.

a more accurate way to say it is that the Constitution and it's proposed
replacement support an approval margin.


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