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Re: Problems with the majority requirement

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Pimlott <andrew@pimlott.net> writes:

    Andrew> 3a.  Due to the inherent meaning of the default option,
    Andrew> voters will typically not consider it especially
    Andrew> undesirable (unless they strongly feel that a revote will
    Andrew> create tension or damage Debian's reputation...).  This
    Andrew> inclines voters to insincerely promote the default option,
    Andrew> since causing the default to win is a small penalty.
    Andrew> Arguably, a voting system should counterbalance this
    Andrew> inclination.

I disagree that Debian's voting system should do anything about this.
For most of the things that Debian tends to vote on, preferring no
decision yet especially when there is not a clear winner seems like a
reasonable course of action.

Part of this is my personal bias.  I also recognize that in some
situations, making a decision is important.

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