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Administrivia: Problems with devotee and vote.debian.org

Hi folks,

	I have been working on refactoring the voting engine since
 last year (though I did not deploy the new version for this years DPL
 elections).  The new code has common elelmets factored out, uses a
 real parser (with a formal grammar to parse configuration files); and
 has implemented ack signing by the vote engine. 

	Unfortunately, this was developed and tested on machines
 running a fairly modern version of Debian; and vote.debian.org is
 still running potato. The vote machinery uses Parse::Recdescent;
 which fails on potato. 

	I could not backport libparse-recdescent-perl, since the new
 parser evaluates something like:
  use vars q{$tracelevel};
  local $tracelevee = $tacelevel++;

	And potato's perl barfs on that. 

	Using the potato version of libparse-recdescent-perl, I would
 need to change the grammar, and even then, I get further errors from
 the generated parse (Global symbol "%item" requires explicit package

	At this point, I don't have time to work on debugging the
 issue (I am qaway for a week long trip next week, that I have to
 prepare for, and I view porting devotee to potato as a dead-end

	So, I am going to set up the vote mechanism to keep a copy of
 the ballots on vote.debian.org, and run the actual vote from my
 personal machines. The only downside I see is if people refuse to
 accept mail from my machines (I am not blocked by any rbl folks

	Alternately, I can try running the vote on any debian machine
 running woody/sid; and all that would take is getting email routed to
 an address on that machine, and set up a .forward for that email
 address. I would probably need DSA help for that.

"How do I love thee?  My accumulator overflows."
Manoj Srivastava   <srivasta@debian.org>  <http://www.debian.org/%7Esrivasta/>
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