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Re: April 17th Draft of the Voting GR


Jochen Voss wrote:
> But I have no clear idea how to drop "drop a defeat".  I guess it's
> just a problem with my english, but how do I do it?  Do I clear some
> cells in the tally table?  Maybe one or two or a complete row?
From the table ...
  A B C
A   5 1
B 2   7
C 6 0

... you construct a list of defeats.

A > B  5:2
B > C  7:0
C > A  6:1

The whole Schwartz set stuff applies when this list has cycles, because in 
that case the voter's opinion is ambiguous. You can think of it as a 
directed cyclic graph. You cut links from this graph until there are no 
more cycles. "Drop a defeat" (from the above list) is equivalent to 
"remove a link" (from the graph).

The "weakest link" rule applies to the absolut vote count and not to the 
difference between the A>B and the B>A votes because the B>A part is 
already represented by the votes which go through B>C>A.

Proposed change to make this more clear:

From the list of undropped options, we generate a list of pairwise defeats.
[ insert A.6.4.a and A.6.4.b ]

We construct the Schwartz set.
[ insert A.6.4.c ]

... and return to step 5.

That should explain better what is happening.

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