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Re: Branden's cryptic advice

Richard Braakman (2003-03-09 05:45:26 +0200) :

> Branden Robinson ended his part of the 2003 DPL debate with this
> message:
>     I'd like everybody to make as informed a decision as they can
>     when voting, and to please exercise their franchise.  Only you
>     can make the system work.
> At this point, various non-native English speakers may be left
> wondering,
>   What's a franchise?
>   Why does Branden think that mine needs exercise?
>   Do I even HAVE a franchise?
>   Is it big and hairy?
> To clear up the confusion, I did some research.  According to
> Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (the true geek's
> dictionary), "franchise" is derived from French "franc" or
> "franche", meaning free.  That's certainly in the spirit of Debian.
> The dictionary also adds: See {Frank}.

As a French person, I might add that "franc" as an adjective, and
"franchise" as a noun also have the meaning of speaking one's
thoughts.  It's an antonym for lying, and I have to observe that
"franc" in the meaning of "free" really does sound old-fashioned.

  It can also mean clear-cut, when speaking about taking a position,
or speaking about a border (as opposed to "blurred" or "fuzzy", for

  Of course, as a French person, I have no clue whether this was the
meaning that Branden intended to convey by his remark :-)

Roland Mas

Mou ichido !  Hayaku !  Ookii koede !
  -- Atsuko Sasaki

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