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Re: Please announce the IRC debate on debian-devel-announce

* Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña <jfs@computer.org> [2003-03-07 09:19]:
> 1.- Do you think that translators, people involved in i18n, and
> people involved in documentation-only work should be given
> maintainer status even though they are not going to maintain
> packages or infrastructure? How should the NM process be modified in
> order to provide for this?

This is a tough question.  The problem is that once you're a
developer, you can also upload packages and some translators or
documentation people might not have the abilities for that.  The easy
solution to create a seperate keyring sound easy, but isn't when you
think about it... it would introduce a tier-system in Debian in which
some developers are more equal than others... it's not clear whether
we want to go there.

> 2.- Do you believe Debian has to actively look for business partners
> in order to be "certified" as part of broader IT solutions? What

Yes, in fact, I have addressed exactly this point in my platform.

> 3.- What do you believe the involvement of the Technical Comitee
> should be wrt fundamental differents in developers or major issues
> which hold back the development of the distribution as a whole? Do
> you view the Technical Comitee work as an active role (i.e. urging
> for things to be done or asking resources coming from the NM queue
> to cooperate in things lacking instead of making their pet projects)
> or as a passive role (i.e. endpoint of discussions between
> developers in the BTS when no agreement is reached)

I think the Technical Commitee has a passive role right now... should
this change or not?  I'm not sure, but I think it might be good if the
developers community as a whole has an active and the TC a passive

> 4.- What is the number one thing you will take an active role as DPL
> to fix in the Debian distribution? (not the project) What actions
> would you take, if elected, to fix it?

The release process.  I will actively work with the Release Manager to
see how he can be assisted in his work by others.  In fact, Anthony
has just asked for Release Assistants... I'd try to follow up with
this and get more people involved (c.f. my "mini-RM" remark in my

> 5.- What is your standpoint in Debian vs. the others? In which areas
> do you think Debian should cooperate with other distributions? (save

I think we should try to cooperate with them as much as possible.
Commercial or not, we are all about Free Software after all (some
more, some less, but the main parts of most distributions are Free).

> 6.- What would you, as a DPL, do to help improve areas in which
> developers are not that much willing to contribute to and which are
> usually lacking?  (for example: documentation)

It's quite hard to motivate people to do this, but I'd try.

Martin Michlmayr

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