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Re: our users as one of our priorities

On Sat, Mar 01, 2003 at 11:37:15AM +1100, Brian May wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 12:24:20PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> > On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 04:30:43PM +0100, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> > > That is not only about me - you did not listen to any other person
> > > showing you a way to change the current behaviour.
> > 
> > Incorrect; I listened, though I disagreed.
> Perhaps it is more a matter of not demonstrating that you have listened.
> (some examples would be ideal here, but I don't have any).
> (not my observation, just my interpretation of both the comments above,
> perhaps taken out of context).

Well, I don't think that's a fair statement.  I corresponded in a fairly
detailed manner Osamu Aoki regarding bug #168347, for example.

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