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Questions for Martin


this evening I'm going to ask a few questions to Martin.

BTW, I'm feeling alone ... does no one else have questions
for our candidates or are you alll waiting for the IRC
debate ?

You explain that too many external projects do not make the effort
to integrate their work within Debian and you want to do better in
this area ... but do you have some specific external projects in mind
already ? Don't you think that there are logical explanations why their
work is not always integrated into Debian ? And if you identify problems
that make it difficult to integrate their work into Debian, do you have
plans to make it easier in the future ?

[ I have my own opinion on those questions but I don't want to give you
any hint :-) ]

You're speaking of a possible certification program in cooperation with
hardware vendors ? Can you elaborate on that ? I find this idea a bit
strange ... I don't see that as very important but maybe you can convince
me of the contrary.

When you speak of the internal functions, you're mentionning
sponsorship, new maintainer and mia developers. That's what you know
best. But did you identify other problematic parts in the inner working
of Debian ? What do you think about debian-admin, ftpmasters, RM and
so on ?

You're encouraging other people to become mini-DPL or mini-RM, acting
like responsible people who can do almost everything provided that they
are reasonable, polite, etc. Don't you fear the chaos ? Don't
you think that giving official titles to people encourage them to work
on a specific task ? Don't you think that having a team instead of a
single RM would be better ? What about a vice-DPL ? 

[ BTW, my questions do not represent my point of view, I'm trying to
ask like an outsider when in fact I have my own opinion on those
questions but I do not want my opinion to influence your answer ]

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