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Re: Status on publishing platforms

On Sun, Feb 16, 2003 at 04:19:28PM -0600, Debian Project Secretary wrote:
> 	I apologize for the delay in publishing the Project Leader
>  platforms. They have not yet been put up on vote.debian.org, since I
>  have received only two of the four candidate platforms to date. I
>  strongly urge the remaining candidates to please send me the
>  platforms asap.

And now, I'm told, Manoj has three, leaving me the hold up.

Here's the skinny:

<Overfiend> Manoj: sorry, I have been really busy, and am trying to roll
  out XFree86 4.2.1-6 at the moment
<Overfiend> Manoj: to fix a FTBFS
<Overfiend> which is holding up KDE 3.1
<Joy> Overfiend: use one of the old platform :))
<doogie> Overfiend: who cares?
<Joy> heh. took the words from my moth
<Joy> mouth
* Overfiend shrugs.  You're damned if you do and damned if you don't...
<Manoj> Overfiend: some intimation would have been nice
<Manoj> Overfiend: Do you have an ETA on the platform?
<Overfiend> Manoj: I've barely even been on IRC all weekend
<Overfiend> Manoj: I'll work on it when I get home this evening
<Overfiend> Manoj: that's approx 7pm GMT-0500
<Manoj> Overfiend: Ok. I'll so inform -vote
<Overfiend> so I'll try to have you something mailed by 10pm GMT-0500
* Overfiend sighs.  Not nearly enough time to do serious analysis of the
  questionnaire result.  I guess I can go through and edits the comments for
  idiolect and then just post the raw results somewhere.
<Manoj> Overfiend: Or you may inform -vote (since you could then provide the
  reaons better than I probably could)

(For those keeping score at home:

Overfiend	me, Branden Robinson
Manoj		Project Secretary Manoj Srivastava
doogie		Adam Heath
Joy		Josip Rodin

Now you KDE 3.1 fans know who to flame.  ;-) )

So, there you have it.  The questionnaire results were extremely
interesting but it's not worth holding up my platform for any longer.  I
will therefore have to write my platform with only my gut reaction to
the questionnaire replies instead of a rigorous, methodical analysis
calculated to win me the maximum number of votes.  :)

Thus, hopefully within 12 hours or so you folks will have my platform.

So that you aren't completely in the dark, I will direct you to my
platform for last year.  There will be changes, of course, but there is
not much that I would actively throw out (the qmail on murphy issue,
which was near the bottom of the list anyway, has of course been
resolved in the past year).


The most important thing I have learned from the questionnaire results
is that "THE DEBIAN PROJECT LEADER'S DELEGATES" should remain at the top
of my agenda.  It could be broadened in scope a little bit to imply more
attentive supervision of foundering infrastructure in general, but
ultimately the solution to Debian's infrastructure problems is going to
have to be a leader capable of appointing delegates, and *following up
on the progress of those delegations*.  I've been thinking about methods
to attain this goal, and if the questionnaire results are highly
representative of the electorate, than I expect this issue to see some
discussion during the campaign period.

Thanks for your attention and patience!

G. Branden Robinson                |    Men use thought only to justify
Debian GNU/Linux                   |    their wrong doings, and speech only
branden@debian.org                 |    to conceal their thoughts.
http://people.debian.org/~branden/ |    -- Voltaire

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